Samsung could release its own Smart Ring soon: Meet Samsung Curio


Image from SamMobile

Recently, we just mentioned Apple and how they could release their own Smart Ring soon. However, rumour suggests their rival Samsung could do it first. That said, what should you know about Samsung’s smart ring?

According to the latest update for the beta version of the Samsung Health app, the smart ring could become part of the companion devices for the feature. Plus, we discovered that this ring could be called “Samsung Curio”. We assumed this because Samsung just filed a trademark application for a device called the “Samsung Curio”.


However, the ring’s name can change. After all, Samsung might be just trademarking the name for future use. Rumour says the device could control smart home devices, make payments, and track your health progress and fitness.

We have yet to confirm other details and release dates for the ring. However, it is safe to assume that Samsung Curio could come out soon. If you are looking for something fashionable and practical for daily use, this device could be your answer.

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