Samsung Galaxy S20 is covered in 24k gold and will be sold at ~RM15816!

Samsung Galaxy S20 GOLD cover EDITED.png

In London, a luxury gift shop named Goldgenie is going to take the design of the latest Samsung Galaxy S20 series to a whole new level. The shop is said to be customizing each of the devices from the series in 24k gold. What’s the highest level of flexing you may ask? We think this can be considered as the highest level of flexing!

From the images, you can see the devices from the lineup have been covered in gold, including the back and the chassis. There is no doubt that it’ll be shouting your personality that is “I AM RICH!!” when you take out the device. Not only the device, the leather box that comes with it does also look like an elegant jewellery box.

Samsung Galaxy S20 GOLD cover.png

Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 GOLD 2.png

Samsung Galaxy S20+

Samsung Galaxy S20 GOLD 3.png

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20 GOLD 4.jpg

Since it is 24k gold, you might be really curious about the numbers on the price tags. For the standard Galaxy S20, it will be priced at 3397 EURO (~RM15,816). With each model higher, the price will be increased for another 200 Euro (~RM931). With that being said, the Galaxy S20+ is priced at 3597 Euro (~RM16748) and the Galaxy S20 Ultra is priced at 3797 Euro (~RM17679). Not to mention that you’ll have to add another 100 Euro (~RM465) if you want the 5G connectivity.

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