Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra shows its ultra durability, survives JerryRigEverything’s scratch and bend test

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, the South Korean tech giant’s most recent flagship smartphone has been making waves for its impressive specs list and sleek modern design that’s befitting of its ‘Ultra’ name.

In fact, the latest and greatest Samsung smartphone has proven to be ultra durable too, even surviving JerryRigEverything’s famous ‘durability test’ that has practically destroyed dozens of phones before!

In case you’re not familiar with JerryRigEverything, it’s a popular YouTube channel by US-based Zack Nelson with over 7.2 million subscribers that puts smartphones and other devices to their limits of durability. Nelson’s durability tests usually involves a scratch and bend test with a razor blade, hardness picks and even flames from a lighter.

In his most recent video, Nelson put the Galaxy S22 Ultra through the ‘JerryRigEverything treatment’, a torture which the device handled like a champ! With the Ultra’s Gorilla Glass Victus+ screen, it only began showing scratches at a Mohs hardness level 6 with deeper scratches at level 7, which kind of justified Samsung’s decision to not have a factory-installed screen protector out of the box.


As for the dreaded bend test, the Galaxy S22 Ultra showed no signs of faltering under hard pressure from Nelson’s hands thanks to the device’s metal frame. Furthermore, Nelson’s razor blade didn’t even leave a mark on the Ultra’s Phantom Black matte back cover.

The only thing that’s not so durable is the S Pen that comes with the Galaxy S22 Ultra as it snapped in half under Nelson's hands. However, it is to be expected considering the S Pen is made out of plastic, though do note that the S Pen’s end and buttons are made out of metal.


More impressively, the Ultra’s under the screen ultrasonic fingerprint reader was even able to still function as per usual despite Nelson scratching the detection area on its screen pretty badly. Pretty stellar build quality, don’t you think?

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