Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro promises to help users stay connected outdoors


As you may know, Samsung launched the Galaxy Watch5 series back in August. This year, the company released a more powerful model to go with its standard one - the Galaxy Watch5 Pro.

As a reminder, the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro is available in a larger 45mm size. Befitting its Pro moniker, this model comes with in-depth monitoring thanks to enhanced sensors. It also offers advanced features that aim to provide a more complete smartwatch experience.



For instance, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro has many enhanced navigation features. One of them is Route Target which can import preset route files with various data, allowing users to go on biking trips or hike on their favourite routes. Then there's the Track Back that helps you return safely to your starting point, a handy feature that ensures you won't get lost.

With the Galaxy Watch5 Pro, you can also enjoy a fully connected experience with the help of automatic data syncing. The device allows you to take phone calls or reply to text messages, without your phone nearby! You can even install and listen to Spotify offline. From the sound of it, this new model will let users go for fulfilling outdoor trips with most of their tech left behind.

Besides that, this new Pro variant smartwatch has an incredible battery life of up to 80h (general usage with GPS disabled), a special strap, water resistance of 5ATM (IP68), and more. If you ask us, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro is a worthwhile purchase for the outdoor enthusiast. Those who want more details or to purchase one can check the Samsung Malaysia website.


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