Samsung GearSport and Gear IconX first impressions

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The Samsung GearSport (left) and Gear IconX (right)

Just recently, we did a 10 Days Fatty Diet Challenge with the Samsung GearSport and Gear IconX. We did talk about the devices briefly but if you want to know more about the RM1299 GearSport and RM799 Gear IconX, you've come to the right place. Check out our more in-depth first impressions of these two health tracking devices below.

Samsung GearSport - More than just a sports watch


So as mentioned in our previous article, the GearSport has a lot more functions than what you think. Aside from the standard steps and calorie counter, the GearSport is a sports watch that's designed and made for serious users who workout a lot.

It collects various data for the Samsung Gear app which is needed to work (it also works on iOS, apparently) and will store the database for you to monitor your progress. If you exercise every day, the device will input the data for the whole week and will reset after that.

Design-wise, the watch may be a bit bulky but that's not really an issue. The straps, however, are quite something as it can tolerate your sweaty wrist without feeling too gross with the stickiness. Straps are interchangeable as long it's a 20mm type. 

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But it's not just a watch for exercising, you can also use it as a daily driver to work as well. It features Samsung Pay as well and the watch will nudge you to stand up and stretch yourself if you sit down for too long (usually an hour), it even has different types of stretching tips so that's quite commendable. Of course, it has a heartbeat counter, running mode, walking mode, cycling mode, swimming mode, even a new floor target mode (which encourages you to take the stairs instead of the elevator lol), followed by fourteen more workout modes that you can find inside:

  • Hiking
  • Elliptical trainer
  • Exercise bike
  • Step machine
  • Treadmill 
  • Lunges
  • Crunches (sit-up)
  • Squats
  • Star jumps (jumping jack)
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Rowing machine
  • Other workout (that's what it says on the watch, I swear)


This is how the Samsung Gear app looks like after syncing with the GearSport


The menu page


The monitoring page (left) and you can even set up challenges against your friends for fun (right)

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If you use the GearSport every day for your daily exercise routine, it can usually last for at least 4-6 days before you need a full recharge. And before the battery depletes, a power saving mode will usually pop up asking for your permission to activate which is nice.

Unlike past smart or sports watches, you don't need to plug in a charging cable anymore too as you can just slap it to the magnetic charging dock. Charging the watch takes awhile, though, about two hours or so.

Samsung Gear IconX - Convenient wireless earpods

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It can receive incoming calls too if you're working out

First thing's first, a wireless device gives a lot of advantage, particularly for mobility (except for swimming). I'm sure there are times that your wired earphones got tangled up with your hand reaching for something. Controlling incoming calls and music is easy peasy, you can find them on the Samsung Gear app which it also rely to work as well and it works on iOS devices too.

In addition, the IconX is capable of being independent as well, meaning it doesn't need your smartphone around for the songs since it can store up to 4GB worth of music, can last up to five hours of music streaming and seven hours of listening to your favourite MP3 songs. Music quality is not bad but this depends on your file format, of course.

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The charging case for the GearIconX, really convenient to bring around. Charging takes more than 2 hours

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The earbuds are interchangeable


Instructions on how to use the wireless earpods

Good daily drivers for your health

While we don't really review many sports or smartwatches, the GearSport certainly gave me a good impression of its capabilities. As aforementioned, this is a device designed for the sports enthusiasts and people who are serious about monitoring their workout routines.

It can be your daily driver companion throughout the year so if you're looking for one, I think this is worth getting it, even though it's priced at RM1299, it'll pay off in the long term as long as you remain committed. As for the Gear IconX, I think it's not really necessary for me but if you need your music jam to get it going, then go for it. 

So what do you think? Thanks for reading and in case you missed our 10 Day Fatty Diet Challenge by Samsung, you can check out the video above. Stay tuned for more tech articles at