Samsung confirms Galaxy S8 is selling 15% better than the S7, confirms reveal date of Note 8


There has been a great deal of talk lately about the Samsung Galaxy S8 that reports that it has been lacking in terms of sales compared with the previous Samsung Galaxy S7.

However, Samsung's CEO DJ Kon has said otherwise in a press conference held recently in Taipei. He said that the S8 and S8 Plus has sold 15% higher than their predecessor and it is expected to continue rising for two more quarters of 2017.

Interestingly, the Samsung CEO has also let slip a possible release date for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8. He has confirmed that the Note 8 is going to be unveiled late this August, less than 2 months away.

With all this said, we can expect exciting things coming our way in the next couple of months. More the reason to stay tuned to for the latest updates!


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