Samsung confirms that its new lifestyle TVs are coming to Malaysia


With the extended movement control order (MCO) some of us are going stir crazy. But we also have more time for other things, like watching TV or redecorating our houses. On that topic, Samsung is looking to bring some of its latest lifestyle TVs to Malaysia. What's interesting is that these aren't just functional TVs, but are also meant to be decorative.

A total of three new TVs are coming to Malaysia and the first one is 'The Sero', which means "vertical" in Korean. As the word suggests, this Quantum Dot TV can be used in both horizontal and vertical orientation. Additionally, you can easily connect a mobile device to the TV to display a variety of content from your phone or through apps like YouTube in either orientation.

The Sero_02.jpg


Next is 'The Serif', another Quantum Dot TV with a cool feature called Magic Screen. It can display info like the time, the weather of the day, and the latest news. Also, you can use it as an art piece by making it display an image of your choice. It could even blend into the background without looking too out of place.

Last but not least is 'The Frame', a model that's not just meant for movies or shows. It has an Art Mode that can display one of over 1200 digital art pieces, allowing you to turn it into an art piece for your home. Also, it has the Adaptive Picture feature that lets it automatically scan the lighting of its surroundings and adjust its brightness and contrast accordingly.


These new TVs seem to be more for people looking to spice up the decorations at home. But what are your thoughts on this and would you buy one of these? Let us know on our Facebook page and stay tuned to for more news.