Samsung could release the Galaxy Ring in late 2024


Example of a smart ring - the Oura Ring

When it comes to smart wearables, smartwatches and smart bands are the most common ones. But some companies have been working on smart rings in recent years. We first saw news of a Samsung smart ring last year, and now sources claim we could get it by next year.

According to The Elec (in Korean), Samsung might start mass production of the Galaxy Ring in August 2023. Of course, the prerequisite for this is the medical certification. Samsung's smart ring must be medically certified before mass production can start.

For those unaware, a smart ring is a wearable device similar to smartwatches and smart bands. It's intended to be worn on your finger and has various sensors that can pass health info to a smartphone app. Of course, it'll have to be different from a smartwatch or smartband to be worth buying. How Samsung plans to do that - besides having a completely different form factor - remains to be seen.

Allegedly, the certification process could take up to 12 months. That means even if Samsung is confident the device will be certified, we won't see the device till late 2024. Nothing is set in stone yet, so take the news with a grain of salt.

But what do you think? Is a smart ring something you'd be interested in? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to TechNave for more news.