Samsung's next foldable device could have the Galaxy S11's camera setup


With how well Apple's iPhone 11 has done in the camera department, other brands are being spurred to knock the fruit off its perch. Samsung is one of many looking to do so with its upcoming flagship-level devices, by making sure the cameras at the rear are up to par.

The Korean smartphone manufacturer is planning a major overhaul of its cameras with the devices mentioned. We already have news that the Galaxy S11 will feature a 108MP main camera setup, with additional lenses (reportedly three) that cover modes like ultrawide shots and five times optical zoom.


A report by Bloomberg suggests that the rumoured second-generation Galaxy Fold could also be getting an upgrade too. Besides the rumoured clamshell design, could it also be getting a 108MP main shooter and the other extra features? That's not confirmed yet but with CES 2020 just around the corner, we're sure to know more soon, if not from more leaks that are bound to appear in the coming weeks leading up to it.

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