A clamshell Samsung foldable may be coming in 2020 for ~RM3518


Despite the troubles and delaysSamsung sees enough potential in foldable devices like the Galaxy Fold. Love it or hate it, they are here to stay and more are on the way! According to The Korean Herald, Samsung is expected to release at least two more foldable devices in 2020.

The first of the two is expected to be a successor to this year's Galaxy Fold, while the other is a smaller phone that will fold into a clamshell. It's a design that you rarely see outside of certain countries these days and we welcome it. The clamshell phone will allegedly cost 1 million won (~RM3518), which makes it more affordable than the Galaxy Fold (RM8388).


Samsung has yet to confirm any details or launch dates but it is speculated that the clamshell model will be available in Q1 of 2020. That's roughly the same time the Galaxy S11 devices are expected to launch, while the next Galaxy Fold will supposedly launch in April 2020. We don't have any details on tech specs and features yet so you'll have to wait for news on that.

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