Samsung unveils a new short animation video "Julian and His Magical Skates"

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Julian Yee proves that the impossible is possible with innovative technologies such as the Samsung Galaxy Note8

In view of the coming Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018, Samsung Electronics Malaysia has carried out a special "Do What You Can't" event and a short animation skit entitled “Julian and His Magical Skates". And get this, the whole video was fully recorded and illustrated with the Samsung Galaxy Note8 with its S Pen, which we didn't know was possible until they mentioned it today.

When asked what was the theme all about, Mr Yoonsoo Kim, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics said:

“We are reaching out to this generation of doers, people who go out and make things happen. We want them to know that if the phone in your pocket can do anything, so can you. When the opportunity to support our first national figure skater Julian Yee came about, we jumped at the chance because Julian is a prime example of what it means to Do What You Can’t. Against all odds, Julian is today an Olympic contender in a sport that isn’t even common in Malaysia – and for that we are very proud of him and we hope others would see him as an inspiration to achieve greater things."

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Yoonsoo Kim and Julian Yee exchanging gifts and posing for a photo as Julian looks forward to the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018

“Just like how Julian was able to achieve what many thought was unrealistic, we decided to remain in that spirit, and produce a beautiful and creative video from a mobile device. Both Julian and the video have shown us at Samsung that with the right mindset, attitude and support, Doing What You Can’t is something very attainable after all.” Mr Yoonsoo Kim concluded.

Thanks to the S Pen, it allowed the creative team behind the video to bring the illustrations to life. Mr Chan Woei Hern, Executive Creative Director of Ensemble Worldwide Malaysia, who was commissioned to produce this brand film, shared that all the scripting, sketching and creating the story entirely from scratch with a Galaxy Note8 and S Pen. There will be a Behind-the-scenes footage of it so stay tuned for that too.

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The team and inspiration behind the short feature film “Julian and His Magical Skates”

To know more about the short feature “Julian and His Magical Skates”, you can visit their website here. We also wish Julian all the best as the only Malaysian to participate the ice skating category in the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018.

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