Samsung will reuse discarded fishing nets for its smartphones


A lot of companies are doing their parts to help the environment. For example, Acer revealed laptops using sustainable material at CES 2022. Of course, it's not the only company with something to show within Q1 2022. Samsung has plans to do something similar for its products.

Earlier today, Samsung announced it has developed a new type of material using ocean-bound plastic from discarded fishing nets. The company called it a "cutting-edge" material, though the details behind the technology were not revealed. However, we do know that this new material will be used in Samsung Galaxy devices.


Discarded fishing nets pose a threat to marine life

Specifically, Samsung confirmed that the reused ocean-bound plastics will be used throughout the company's entire product lineup. This starts with the new Galaxy devices that will be revealed at the next Samsung Unpacked. Based on the description, it can be assumed that Samsung plans to use the new material for components in its devices. Of course, some entry-level devices could use full plastic back covers.

If you want more details, check out the full announcement. Also, we'll probably get more details about it at the Samsung launch later this week, so stay tuned to TechNave for the news!