Special interview - realme Vice President explains how the realme GT3 offers 240W fast charging and more


In conjunction with the launch of the realme GT3, we managed to have an interview with Chase Xu, Vice President of realme. In 2018, Xu joined the realme team as one of the founding members and served as the global Vice President and Marketing President of realme. Then in 2020, he also took on the role of realme China President.

Xu has 10 years of professional marketing experience, he has participated in and created many well-known advertisements of the OPPO Find, Real and R series. He also pioneered "entertainment marketing" in the mobile phone industry, setting off the wave and after establishing realme, he introduced the concept of trendsetting into the technology industry. This has defined realme as a "daringly innovative technology trendsetter".


As he applies innovative internet trendsetting marketing strategies to create realme as the preferred technology brand for the young generation, Xu's leadership helped realme to enter 61 global markets, with over 85 million users worldwide. realme devices have become one of the highly favoured brands by youngsters globally. 

During the interview, Xu said realme's brand image is to encourage youngsters to know and express themselves through its brand peripherals and other marketing activities. In the future, he hopes realme can grow together with young people and become a symbol of trendsetting for them. Xu was also named one of the "Top 10 Best Practitioners of 5G in 2020".

Without further ado, below are some of the interview questions we had with Chase Xu: 


Can you share what is realme's next move globally?

Xu - realme has always adhered to the brand policy of daring innovation. Whether it's the GT or C series, we hope to surprise the public, popularize it and distribute the technology, and make it accessible to everyone. In 2023, we will upgrade and specialize our products in all aspects.

The new generation of young people has always been a group that we pay close attention to. This year, we will collaborate with multiple universities in Malaysia to launch student support programs. This includes scholarships, job training programs, student product discounts, and more. 

We aim to truly bring technology into people's lives and provide students with opportunities to dare to be innovative. If you want to know more news, you can follow realme's official Facebook marketing account and website in Malaysia.


What your brand goals are for 2023? 

Xu - The biggest challenge for realme currently is to focus on improving its internal capabilities, including continuously improving its products and maintaining a high level of efficiency and entrepreneurial spirit as the team grows.

Instead of solely pursuing sales volume, realme's primary focus is on perfecting its products, thoroughly researching and testing them before release to ensure that users are excited about them. Additionally, realme aims to increase its brand awareness and deepen its market penetration to make more target users aware of it and willing to try to use realme smartphones.


As one of the leading brands in the industry, in what form will realme stand out?

Xu - We are taking advantage of the current market landscape where no single brand dominates, realme sees this as an opportunity to grow its market share. realme emphasizes the brand philosophy of "Dare to Leap", so we are focusing on pushing the limits of technology to deliver cutting-edge products. 

Moreover, we are focusing on creating breakthroughs on highly popular products that showcase its performance capabilities, which will help to improve the brand's reputation and influence. We will continue to innovate and create technological advancements that exceed previous records, with the recent announcement of the 240W fast charging technology serving as an example of this approach. 

Realme believes that every new technological breakthrough is not the end goal, but a starting point for the next challenge, and we will continue to surprise our customers with new and exciting products.


Can you share your personal hands-on experience with realme GT3?

Xu - I won't say much about the 240W maximum charging speed, as this is currently a groundbreaking technology that is not yet available on the market. But it has already changed my charging habits and user experience. As someone who frequently travels around the world in my daily life, this fast charging feature allows me to handle work emergencies or relax and playing games without worrying about my phone running out of battery. 

In addition, I personally really like the ingenuity of realme GT3's design. The new awakening halo-like RGB lighting system in the design is full of personality and playfulness. Furthermore, the 1TB storage is also a core differentiating factor of the product.


The realme GT series has made groundbreaking developments in fast charging this year and has been highly praised by the industry. Why does realme focus on developing fast-charging technology?

Xu - For realme, the accumulation of years of experience in fast charging technology has always been its most relied-upon technology and its "killer move" to turn the tide in adversity. This will be a new revolution in fast-charging technology for smartphones. Every second counts, challenging the limits of technology.

In the past, people always charged their phones overnight but often found that their phones were not fully charged in the morning, which greatly affected the user experience. Now, with full-level quick charging, the battery can be fully charged in just the time it takes to wash up. 

Before boarding a plane, when the battery is critically low and power banks charge slowly, a short time spent waiting in line to check in can be used to revive the phone with full-level quick charging. While playing games like Honor of Kings, during breaks between each round, full-level quick charging can ensure that the phone has enough battery life for the next round.


Why does the realme GT3 use the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset instead of the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset?

Xu - Compared to the development of a single technology, realme pursues the effect brought by the integration of various components. Our team pursues the value of daring to surpass, which can truly reach the user's point of interest and upgrade the user experience. 

In order to provide a nearly perfect 240W full-level instant charging experience, we have also matched a higher conversion rate flash charging solution, a safer heat dissipation system, and the highest specification custom charging cable currently available. The improvement in the camera module, the preservation of the microscope function as a unique feature, and the availability of the large 1TB memory version are also factors. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 will also be available soon. 


That's all from the interview with Chase Xu and we thank realme for the time to arrange this meeting. Until then, stay tuned for more trending tech news at TechNave.com.