TSMC performed better than expected in Q3 2022, thanks to Apple iPhone 14 series

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Photo courtesy of My Apple Chat

TSMC has reportedly performed better than expected in the industry for the third quarter of 2022. The chip-making company had recorded a 48% increase in revenue, while the others suffered. However, it seems like the company wouldn't achieve the number without its big customer, and it's Apple.

According to the source, "TSMC reported higher-than-expected quarterly revenue, signalling the chip giant is benefiting from market share gains to weather an industry slowdown." The "revenue at the world's largest contract chipmaker rose 48% to about NT$613 billion (~RM89 billion) in the third quarter, according to Bloomberg's calculations. Analysts estimated NT$603 billion (~RM88 billion) on average."

iPhone 14 series is said to be the major helper in this one. Despite rising inflation and interest rates, the new iPhones still sell pretty well, and it's enough to allow TSMC to escape the industrywide slowdown. In the future, the 3nm process, which TSMC requested from Apple for a price increase, is expected to be used for the A17 chip for next year's iPhone 15 Pro models and the M2 Macs. It was reported that Apple rejected paying more but later agreed to the deal.

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