The Tesla Model 3 could arrive in Malaysia soon - First batch spotted at Shanghai’s Nangang Terminal, could arrive on 25 November 2023.


Previously, we mentioned the Malaysia release of the Tesla Model 3. Today, a leaker says the new model could arrive very soon. That said, what should you know about it?

According to China news, a Japanese vessel called “Procyon Leader” just left Shanghai’s Nangang Terminal on 19th November with 1,200 Model 3s. A leaker says the vessel could arrive at Port Klang on 25 November 2023. If this is true, that is just a few days away.

For your information, this improved model will be the first model delivered officially by Tesla. Previously, the Tesla Model Y was open for booking, but its delivery will only happen in 2024. If you wish to switch your orders, Tesla Malaysia has allowed you to do so without losing your RM1,000 non-refundable booking fee.

Interestingly, some owners reported that Tesla has reached out to them. That means there could be a group handover ceremony for the first batch of Tesla Model 3 owners. That’s pretty cool.

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