The protective case for the Samsung Galaxy Fold will only cost you ~RM81


If I’m spending about USD$1980 (~RM8064) on the Samsung Galaxy Fold you bet I’m gonna be protecting that device better than I protect myself. Seeing the how limited in the market the device is, you’d assume the protective case would cost you an arm and a leg but that isn’t the case at all!

The Samsung Galaxy Fold's protective case would only set you back about USD$20 (~RM81) instead of the hundreds of ringgit many are assuming it to be. Spigen, a case manufacturer shared their renders of cases for the Samsung Galaxy Fold which comes in 3 designs: Tough Armor, Thin Fit, and Ultra Hybrid.

The cases would be made from silicone and plastic. Their designs are made in mind for three different groups of people. A see through design for those who want to show off their device’s design, a full covered casing that isn’t too clunky for the average user and something extremely armoured for those who really aren’t taking any chances with their device.

I’m really excited to see how the casing would accommodate the smartphone’s folding mechanism. I mean, I'm getting the full fancy schmancy experience when buying the Galaxy Fold, I'd be crazy not to protect that thing! Do you think the casing is worth getting? For the latest news on Samsung, is where you should be following.

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