You get the fancy 'concierge-like experience' when you buy the Samsung Galaxy Fold

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The Samsung Galaxy Fold comes with a pretty huge price tag which starts at USD$1980 (~RM8051). According to Samsung, with that price tag, you aren’t only getting the device out of it but also a ‘concierge-like experience’ as well.

Clearly with something of that price, Samsung is targeting a particular niche of users instead of your average joe. Kate Beaumont, director of product services and commercial strategy for Samsung UK mentioned that with a premium device you’ll be getting an experience, a concierge-like experience.

They mentioned that you won’t likely see the Samsung Galaxy Fold just anywhere which may indicate that due to limited stocks. You’ll only find the device at certain places. The experience when buying the device will be very personal and intensive aftercare for the device will be available for it after as well.

No clue what kind of experience they would offer when purchasing the device but I’m going to assume it would feel like buying Tesla. What do you think? For more news on Samsung, check out!

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