Threads daily active user count has decreased by 82% in just a month


When Threads first launched, it was met with hype and excitement for Internet users to explore the platform. However, half of the daily active users on Threads were gone after a week, and right now, the platform continues to drop drastically in just a month. 

According to Sensor Tower, their data revealed the daily active user count on Threads has decreased by 82% as of 31 July 2023. If compared to our previous news, that means 23.6 million daily active users have dropped to just 8 million daily active users each day. 8 million is still a lot but it's a far cry from its first debut. Similarweb also has similar results, reporting 11 million daily active users as of 29 July. 

On top of that, Sensor Tower said users aren't opening their Threads app that often. Compared to the first launch, a Threads user would open the app 14 times on average and spend an average time of 19 minutes. As of 1 August 2023, the users would just spend 2.9 minutes a day as well as 2.6 sessions per day. 

Threads has recently added a new Following section for the users but it seems that it's not enough to retain them. After all, Sensor Tower said the daily active users are dropping by 1% daily. Threads is also still missing a couple of features that Meta is working on, such as hashtags, editing a post, a more convenient and quicker way to switch accounts and so on.