Threads is finally getting a web version and search function soon

With X (Twitter) losing its user base, you'd think Threads was well-positioned to take over. But that's not the case, with the latter's daily active user count falling by over 80% within a month. Fortunately, an upcoming update could turn things around.

During the weekend, Mark Zuckerberg announced that a web version of Threads would arrive in the coming weeks. That means you won't be limited to accessing the platform on mobile devices anymore. This web version has been a highly requested feature and could bring back users who have decided to leave Threads.


Besides that, a proper search function will also be added soon. That's another important feature, as it's how people look for content on any social media site. Of course, Meta has to add more features for Threads to be competitive. That would include features like hashtags, which is another feature that improves the search experience.

Once Meta implements the web version and search function, Threads could make a comeback and become the preferred platform over X. But whether that happens depends on how quickly Meta can implement key features.

Would Threads be better than X eventually? Share your thoughts in the comments, and stay tuned to TechNave for more news like this.