TikTok Shop Malaysia launches TikTok Shop Mall - Homegrown brands to include include Elgini, Dessini, SwissThomas and so forth


Previously, we mentioned the possible actions for the government and ministries to take against TikTok Shop. This was done because of the recent ban on TikTok Shop in Indonesia. Today, TikTok Shop Malaysia launched TikTok Shop Mall. So, what should you know about it?

For your information, TikTok Shop Malaysia aims to further enhance Malaysian shoppers' positive experience with over 600 local and international brands. It also promises 100% authentic and original products, reliable customer service, and exclusive benefits.


In addition, this feature is available as an exclusive channel in the TikTok Shop’s “Shop Tab”. Perhaps this is the company’s way of showing its support for local SMEs on the e-commerce platform. Nur Azre Abdul Aziz, Acquisition and Partnerships Lead at TikTok Shop Malaysia says:

"TikTok Shop is committed to bolstering the growth of all SMEs and brands on the platform, and this has been taken a step further with the launch of TikTok Shop Mall here in Malaysia.

"The benefits go both ways: sellers now have an added stamp of authenticity on their products, and buyers can now easily identify and shop from their favourite brands with greater peace of mind and convenience to know that they can shop in comfort to get the best value for their purchases."

Thanks to this feature, you can enjoy a 15-day hassle-free return or refund policy, free shipping and special Xtra Shipping Vouchers that can be utilized on their next purchases. Plus, if you are a seller on TikTok Shop Mall, your page will feature a Distinguished Mall Label. This will increase your brand’s visibility and make it easier for buyers to find you.

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In addition, some of the seller’s privileges you can enjoy are exclusive brand campaigns, special slots and resources during double-digit campaigns, added visibility in the “Shop Tab”, and traffic exposure support. Besides that, you can browse for items such as leisurewear, cookware, car accessories, jewellery, and groceries from Malaysian homegrown brands. That includes Elgini, Dessini, SwissThomas by T, 70mai Malaysia Store, Habib Jewels, and Mydin.


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