Top Innovations brought by the Samsung Galaxy S series


Did you know that the first Samsung Galaxy S first came out in 2010? That was almost 10 years ago! Samsung sure has come a long way and they have been continuously pushing innovation in their Galaxy S flagships, raising the bar to become one of the most recognizable smartphone brands globally. With the Galaxy S10 series coming on the way on 20 February 2019, we decided to take a look back at some of the innovations they have done and overcome. So sit back, relax and read the Top Innovations brought by the Samsung Galaxy S Series


The Dual Edge Curved Display + Edge UX

Back in their earlier days, Samsung Galaxy S devices weren't really much to look at. It only really began to stand out from the crowd with the Galaxy S6 series with the most distinctive look for having the display bending on both sides of the body. Not only did this set the standard look for the Galaxy S and other smartphones until today, but it also allows users to utilize and customize the edge of the display for app shortcuts.


At first glance, it didn't really look like a useful feature but from my experience, this is a really convenient way to get to the apps for daily usage faster. It's not just the apps, but you can customize contacts, news, weather reports and other widgets like a music player. To add on to that, the Dual Edge Curved feature soon became a part of the Infinity Display, which maximizes the screen without making the phone size fatter.


The DeX mode

While maximizing the screen panel is a nice touch, it's never enough for some users who want it bigger. With this, Samsung introduced the DeX mode for the Galaxy S8 series  and it was a great way for users to use it as a "PC" with a window-based user interface. To fully utilize it, we had to use the DeX Station and it was compatible with any PC monitor, it also worked as a phone charger.


This is how the DeX Station looks like


Now you can just use a HDMI to USB Type-C cable and even connect it to a TV monitor!

Samsung further improved the DeX mode in the Galaxy S9 series (and Galaxy Note 9) with just a HDMI to USB Type-C cable needed, making everything easier to connect and play, as well as allowing professionals on-the-go to work on the phone and in the office efficiently.


Dual Pixel technology

If you know your history, Samsung was actually the first company to integrate Dual Pixel technology into a smartphone, which was the Galaxy S7 series. This was a big deal back then because Dual Pixel is usually used in a DSLR camera, so the fact that it found its way to a smartphone means users can take much better photos, particularly at night!

s7 pic.jpg

A photo sample shot on the Galaxy S7 phone

By all means, this doesn't put the Galaxy S7 series on the same level as a DSLR camera. But it's sure convenient for photographers to quickly capture a shot and upload on their social media accounts quickly. In a way, Samsung did kind of pave the way for other smartphone brands to follow suit, asadopting the Dual Pixel technology is the norm nowadays.


Dual Aperture technology

Finally, while the Galaxy S9 series look more or less the same as the Galaxy S8 series, they did have even better features. For one, the company was the first to install the first ever Dual Aperture on a smartphone camera which was mindblowing because it can switch between F/1.5 and F/2.4 apertures automatically or manually, thus taking mobile photography to further heights. Also, the aperture F/1.5 is the highest and first ever on any smartphone at the time of release.

Available on both the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, the latter also has a secondary 12MP telephoto lens for better portrait shots. Samsung also threw in a Super Slow Motion feature which was fun because you can actually put in your own music choice for the "epicness".



Now we wait for the Galaxy S10 series

So those were some of the many innovative features achieved in the Samsung Galaxy S series so far. To add on to that, we heard a lot of rumours about the Galaxy S10 series having some awesome features like the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset, a new Infinity O display, a triple camera setup, 5G connectivity and many, many more which you can read about here. The new Samsung flagship will be revealed on 20 February 2019 so do stay tuned for our official coverage only at!

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