U Mobile customers can now enjoy 2x Hotspot Data up to 100GB for free

U Mobile_Double Hotspot Promo.png

We are only in Day 2 of the Movement Restriction Order and more companies are coming out with solutions to deal with this. As you may already know, GrabFood and foodpanda are already implementing "Contactless Delivery", but U Mobile is now offering something cooler - The Hottest Spot campaign - which offers more hotspot data quota for their customers. 

How much more data quota, you ask? According to the company, the orange telco is doubling the amount! So with this, all U Mobile customers who are using the GX38 prepaid plan, GX50 postpaid plan, GX68, Unlimited HERO P99 and Unlimited HERo P139 plans will receive a double portion of hotspot data. It gets better, U Mobile will also offer this new promo for free starting from today until 31 March 2020. 

U Mobile UNLIMITED Plans Table.png

For additional info, Unlimited HERO P99 and P139 users can add an S20 data-only share line for just RM20 per month, which allows them to share the double hotspot quote without even being in the same place. As for the prepaid users, they need to renew or activate the GX38 plan from now until the end of the month to receive the double hotspot data for 30 days. Awesome!

That's plenty of hotspot data to share! But anyway, how are you holding up so far working from home? If you're having problems working remotely at home, you can take a read at our #protips here. Do let us know at our Facebook page and stay tuned for more local tech news at TechNave.com.