Use roaming for free using your postpaid data plan with U Mobile Data Backpack


Just only a few days ago U Mobile introduced their U Data Roam plan for frequent travelers. Now they give us another bunch of roaming deals, but this time, it is for their subscriber of Hero P70, i90, i130, UD95 and UD135 postpaid plans. With the U Mobile Data Backpack you will be able to use roaming for free in 12 countries, at the expense of your current data plan with no extra charges. You can refer to the table below for the list of the country and the preferred roaming operator of the country that you might travel to.


If you need to get more data while roaming, you can purchase the local Booster Plan for RM10 for 1.5GB data that is valid for 3 days. Before you start traveling, please make sure you have activated international roaming by calling U Mobile at 1318. Additionally, once you reach one of the listed countries, switch to the preferred roaming operator or otherwise you won't be able to use U Mobile Data Backpack. Voice calls and SMS will use the standard pay-per-use rate and are not based on your data plan. To check the voice call and SMS rate visit this link, and for further information in regards to Data Backpack, please visit their website page.