WhatsApp Multi-device now entering public beta


If you use multiple devices, it's useful if your apps can connect across devices. That's what WhatsApp has been working on in the last few months. An update last month suggested that the Multi-device feature is coming soon, and we have an update on that.

As announced by Facebook, Multi-device support for WhatsApp is taking a big step towards full release with its first public beta. Multi-device allows WhatsApp users to use the app on one phone and four other devices. For example, you could have it on your phone, a Windows PC, and a Mac PC. With this feature, you don't have to worry about losing access to WhatsApp if your phone's battery runs out.


All devices connected to your WhatsApp account will still have end-to-end encryption applied to them. On top of that, it will sync your data across all connected devices. This includes your contacts' names, chat archives, starred messages, and more. But it does have some limitations, such as the inability to call someone on their sub-devices. In other words, if their phone is switched off, the call won't go through.

Are any of you in WhatsApp's beta program? If yes, have you been able to test Multi-device yet? Let us know what you think about it so far! For more updates on the feature, stay tuned to TechNave.com.