WhatsApp will soon allow you to link up 4 iPhones or iPads


In recent months, WhatsApp has been adding features that allow users to link their accounts to more devices. Last month, the company introduced a feature called Companion Mode, which is now in beta for Android users. Now, it looks like the feature is coming to iOS too.

As revealed previously, Companion mode lets WhatsApp users connect their accounts to multiple phones. For iOS users, the feature will be added in the upcoming version 23.10.76. Once updated, you can use your account on up to four iOS devices. This can be a combination of an iPhone or iPad.


The good thing about Companion mode is it ensures that chat history is synced across all linked devices. On top of that, all your messages and calls will get end-to-end encryption. There might be a few things that won't get synced properly, but that's expected since the feature is still in beta.

Now that this feature is out, we're hoping that users can link a mix of linked Android and iOS devices too. After all, some people might have an Android phone but use an iPad. How about you? Let us know what you think of this WhatsApp feature in the comments below.