Xiaomi announces solid-state battery tech that promises 20% improvement


Hot on the heels of HONOR who announced their silicon-carbon battery recently, Xiaomi have announced their new solid-state battery tech. According to them, it can achieve an energy density of over 1000Wh/L for an improvement of 20% compared to current lithium ion batteries. 

It does this by using a solid electrolyte which is stronger and safer than liquid electrolytes. Xiaomi have tried it out in a Xiaomi 13 prototype which achieved improved energy endurance but they have no solid dates as to when we can expect solid state batteries in their commercial devices.

Considering that Xiaomi also has tablets, laptops and even portable vacuum cleaners it's certainly a technology that could see widespread use for Xiaomi. Would you like to see Xiaomi's solid state battery tech in this lifetime? We certainly would but battery advancements are often slow to be implemented so do keep this in mind. As always, stay tuned to TechNave.com for more tech news so we can keep you updated.

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