You must have at least an Android 9 smartphone to use Google Wallet

Screenshot 2024-05-13 095311.png

It was only recently that Google Wallet added Maybank Card accessibility to its Payment Methods. However, you need to be aware that soon on 10 June 2024, Google Wallet will require at least Android 9 and above to function. 

This was updated on Google's support page Google Wallet a few hours ago. Besides the Android 9 requirement, Google Wallet will also need Wear OS 2.x or higher if you happen to have a smartwatch running on Google OS. 

The reason why Google will start restricting Android OS support is due to security updates, and it was emphasized that security updates will not be available for Android and Wear OS versions below the aforementioned versions. To be fair, phones with Android 9 are five years old and most users would have already switched to a new model after three years. 

If you don't plan to use Google Wallet then that's fine but do keep in mind that many apps and software updates will eventually move on from Android 9. It's best to keep your phone updated for better security and fix patches for long-term usage.