You should redeem and use your e-Madani before 29 February 2024 - That's tomorrow


Since December 2023, the government has given eMADANI credit of RM100 to those whose income is below RM100,000 per year. As announced at the time of introduction, the deadline to use the credit is 29 February 2024.

For those of you who have redeemed it using Maybank MAE, Setel, TNG eWallet and ShopeePay digital wallets, you can check the balance if there is credit that has not yet been used or otherwise. After February 29, 2024, unused credit balances will be withdrawn and returned to the government. So, you might want to make good use of it before tomorrow ends.

Previously, we mentioned Over 7 million Malaysians have applied for the eMADANI RM100 credit. While it might not be much, it is still a decent amount to help you with your daily needs. Hopefully, the e-Madani aid has been useful for everyone.


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