Your internet wasn't broken - WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and FB Messenger were down


If you were wondering why Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger couldn’t load, here’s why. According to DownDetector, the services were down at around 8PM last night and it seems like the outage was global. 

Over on Facebook, users were having issues logging in and loading their newsfeed. Instagram users on the other hand, mentioned that they couldn’t receive and send messages as well as connect to the server. Over on Messenger, users complained that they cannot receive messages at all. 

Facebook has mentioned that the problem has been resolved. This isn’t the first time Facebook’s services went down. Not too long ago, a global outage from the services happened as well and for a long period of time. Would we see an improvement to Facebook’s social media services soon? Keep up with the latest news on!

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