iFixit opens up Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ and rates 4/10 on repairability

iFixit-tears-down-the-Samsung-Galaxy-S8-and-S8 (3).jpg

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are sure beautiful to look at, but what about the inside? iFixit has returned once again to open the galaxy wide, without further ado see it for yourself below.

Not surprisingly, both devices have the same components inside even for the layout. The only difference was that the S8+ houses a bigger battery. However, it’s dully noted that it’s not easy to open up the flagships as intended due to the strong glass-on-glass construction, so the curved display has to be damaged for that. Even the battery is hard to take out as well, check out the pictures.

 iFixit-tears-down-the-Samsung-Galaxy-S8-and-S8 (2).jpg

Taking out the battery

iFixit-tears-down-the-Samsung-Galaxy-S8-and-S8 (1).jpg

It was a sticky situation


The layout in the end

Just like their predecessors, both devices got a 4/10 rate on repairability. There are more information in the source below if you want to know more. Stay tuned for more Samsung news at TechNave.com.