iPadOS 16 on older models has an internal mode to run Stage Manager but it is disabled by Apple

feat image stage manager ipad.jpg

Previously, we reported that current iPads that are not powered by the M1 SoC will not be getting the ‘Stage Manager’ feature in iPadOS 16 due to certain limitations. However, recently a delve into the OS code on older iPads show that the feature can actually be turned on internally but it is disabled by Apple.


As shared by 9to5Mac who investigated the iPadOS 16 codes, there’s an internal ‘Chamois’ mode found within the codes, which is the codename for Stage Manager for ‘Legacy Devices’. Enabling Chamois would then enable Stage Manager on iPads that are not powered by the M1 SoC.

Hence, it means that older iPads can in fact run Stage Manager, though the experience would be worse than M1-powered iPads due to the limitation of the older models’ chipsets. This is in line with the statement by Craig Federighi, who said that Apple tested the feature on more iPad models before deciding that it is best to only limit Stage Manager on M1 iPads.

What do you guys think of the lack of Stage Manager on iPads not running on the M1 SoC? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and stay tuned to TechNave for the latest trending tech news. 

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