iPhone 14 series not as popular as anticipated, Apple scraps its plans to increase production

feat image iphone 14 sales.jpg

It seems that the iPhone 14 series is not as popular as Apple has hoped for it to be, whereby it is allegedly lower than the tech giant’s anticipated demand projection. So much so, that Apple has now reportedly abandoned its plans to increase production levels of its new flagship smartphone series. 

As reported by Bloomberg, Apple hoped that the launch of the iPhone 14 series could trigger a surge in interest in the lineup. Moreover, the company had already made arrangements to increase production by up to 6 million units in the second half of 2022. 


However, the projected demand increase never materialised until today due to many reasons, namely the rising cost of living and inflation. Hence, the tech giant is now sticking to its original plans of producing ‘only’ 90 million units. 

Well, that’s still a pretty good projection number, all things considered. More so, if you look at the current decrease in global demand for personal electronics. 

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