iPhone 17 Slim could be priced even higher than the iPhone 17 Pro Max


As you may know, Apple has discontinued products it deems less successful in the past. This has happened to the iPhone mini, which was discontinued because nobody wants small phones. But the Plus variant that could be replaced by a new one in 2025.

For your info, there are rumours that Apple plans to discontinue the iPhone Plus variant after the iPhone 16 series launch later this year. In other words, there will be no iPhone 17 Plus in 2025. Instead, Apple is expected to replace that variant with a new iPhone 17 Slim. Its name implies that it could have a slimmer body and a 6.6-inch screen. Sources also say it could have a smaller Dynamic Island.

According to GSMArena, the iPhone 17 Slim will allegedly be priced higher than the iPhone 17 Pro Max. The Pro Max has always commanded the highest prices in the iPhone series. For instance, prices for the iPhone 15 Pro Max start from RM6499. If the iPhone 17 Slim costs more than that, we can expect it to be close to the RM7k mark. The price difference reinforces the possibility that the iPhone 17 Slim could deliver significantly improved design, build, and performance.

Mind you, it's also too early to confirm any of these rumours. After all, Apple executives could change their minds within the next few months. But if there's to be an iPhone 17 Slim, what do you think it needs to justify that price range? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned to TechNave for more news like this.