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  • Apple iPhone 4 Malaysia Review

    Apple iPhone 4 Malaysia Review

    The fourth iteration of the iPhone is certainly the most controversial handset so far. Hardware leaks, suicides and police raids have all formed part of this smartphone's turbulent journey to market.

    iPhone 4 - Build:

    The first thing you'll notice when holding the iPhone 4 is just how incredible the build quality is. It feel incredibly pleasing in the hand and actually, make the 3GS feel, well, a bit chubby and cheap. The front and back are black glass with a brushed steel band running round the phone.

  • Maxis Makes Apple iPhone 4 Free for 24 Months of TalkMore48 in Malaysia

    Maxis Makes Apple iPhone 4 Free for 24 Months of TalkMore48 in Malaysia

    In a move that will make some people who have always wanted an Apple iPhone very happy, Maxis is now offering the Apple iPhone 4 (8GB) for FREE with their TalkMore48 plan and a 1GB data plan. In effect it means that all you're really paying for are the TalkMore48+1GB data plan bundle. You will have to sign up for a 24 months contract though. Like other Maxis TalkMore48 bundle promotions you'll have to pay RM96 (RM48 + RM48) per month.

  • White iPhone 4 Malaysia Coming to DiGi!


    DiGi posted a message on their Twitter that includes a link to the site above which pretty much proved once and for all that the White iPhone 4 is indeed real and is coming to Malaysia very soon.

    I don’t think the DiGi would want to hurt his customers and this is certainly Apple selling strategies all the while. So, head on to DiGi's website right now and register yourself to make sure that you will not miss a single bit of information about the new white iPhone 4 offering from DiGi.

    If you’re one of those iPhone 4 hopefuls that wish to stand out from the crowd, the white iPhone 4 is something worth considering. No dates or pricing details were mentioned as usual but we believe it should be offered at the same price as its Black iPhone 4 models.

  • iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS


  • Samsung Galaxy S vs iPhone 4 Specs

                                               apple-iphone-4-ofic-final.jpg                               samsung-galaxy-s.jpg