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  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v Review

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v Review

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is known as Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. This is the successor to the most popular Android tablet yet – the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - Design & Build:

    The Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 is thin. Like really thin… at least in comparison to the other Android 3.X tablets out there. And yes, according to Samsung’s measurements it’s even thinner than the iPad 2. However, as you may have guessed, the difference isn’t noticeable to the naked eye, and if you didn’t have a measuring tape on you, you’d probably never know one was trimmer than the other. Where you will notice the difference between the two is on weight. The 1.24-pound Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 feels lighter in hand than the 1.33-pound iPad. The only ports you will find on this tablet are 3.5mm headphone and proprietary charging jacks. There is a volume rocker and a power button, but forget that microSD card slot or micro-USB port.

  • Huawei IDEOS S7 Slim Review

    Huawei IDEOS S7 Slim Review

    Could a no-name cheapie really rival Apple's all-conquering iPad or Samsung's Galaxy Tab 2? Of course it can't. But if you're in the market for a seven-inch Android tablet this one might be worth a look, especially if the networks offer it with a hefty subsidy.

    Huawei IDEOS S7 Slim Tablet isn't as obscure as you might think

    You might not recognise the name, but Huawei makes decent branded phones for customers such as Orange, T-Mobile and also a lot of networking stuff in Malaysia, so it's already quite a big player in portable computing. The same firm is currently promising to build an entire mobile network in the London Underground in time for the Olympics.

  • Samsung Shows off Galaxy La'Fleur Collection for the Hip and Trendy Women of Malaysia

    Samsung Shows off Galaxy La'Fleur Collection for the Hip and Trendy Women of Malaysia

    If you've been watching the Samsung ads and stumbled upon a group of hip and trendy modern women checking themselves out in what appears to be Samsung Galaxy phones then you wouldn't be far off. In actuality these are Samsung's collection for hip and trendy young modern women called the La'Fleur Collection. Consisting of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 in Garnet red, the Samsung Galaxy S III mini in white with floral design and the Samsung Galaxy Y with a similar white casing and floral motif, the La'Fleur Collection is Samsung's range of phones designed for modern women.

  • DiGi Releases New Postpaid Tablet Plans

    DiGi Releases New Postpaid Tablet Plans

    In line with the rather meteoric rise of tablets in the PC market, DiGi has released a bunch new tablet-only postpaid plans. Initially these tablet-only plans started from RM15 a month for 500MB of data up to 2GB. However, now DiGi is offering plans up to 6GB a month from RM89 a month. They have even tossed in an extra incentive by offering 3 months worth of Evernote Premium access for free.