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  • Samsung I997 Infuse 4G Malaysia Review

    Samsung I997 Infuse 4G Malaysia Review

    If you’re looking for a 4G smartphone, then Samsung I997 Infuse 4G is a good Android option. It looks sleek and has a number of powerful features to match.

    Samsung I997 Infuse 4G: Display

    The 4.5 inch screen is bigger than many of the other top smartphones, which means more space for typing, reading your emails or using your apps. The downside, of course, is that it does look and feel bigger. The resolution is slightly low for a screen of this size, but the benefits more than make up for any drawbacks. The Super AMOLED Plus technology also means that this screen is easier to read in a variety of lighting conditions. The screen is larger but only has a resolution of 800 x 480. This effectively means that some images can look “stretched” across the screen and may look a little pixelated.