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  • Samsung Wave II Review

    Samsung Wave II Review

    Samsung’s first Bada handset, the Samsung Wave was a kind of a trailblazer for the company.  The handset allowed the debut of the Super AMOLED screen technology and the Hummingbird processor of 1 GHz. The handset is sure to be a special place in the hearts of the techies. The Android is moving out slowly and the Bada is creeping in to the company’s portfolio. The Wave series of handsets include the popular Wave 525.

    Samsung Wave II - Design:

    The Wave II is quite bigger in size when compared with its predecessor. The handset has a display of 3.7 inches. The screen makes  use of the Super AMOLED technology. The screen has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels and supports 16 million colors. The Wave II is made of aluminum and has a larger profile that is comfortable to hold. The camera lens at the rear panel has a diamond shaped metallic opening. The handset is available in four different coloura such as black, white, pink and grey.

  • Samsung Wave Review: First smartphone by Koreans using its own Bada OS

    Samsung Wave Review: First smartphone by Koreans using its own Bada OS

    Samsung debuts its own breed of smartphones with the heavily-specced Wave

    The Samsung Wave is the first smartphone created by the Koreans using its own Bada OS. With super-slim dimensions and a powerful processor chugging under the hood, can Samsung create a super phone in its own image?

    The Wave is Samsung’s attempt at shaping the smartphone model in its own image, sculpting things both inside and out, and that certainly shows in the build quality. With a ridiculously thin 10.9mm profile, the Wave is so pocket friendly you won’t even know it’s there; although it is over 1mm thicker than the new Apple iPhone 4. We’re sure Samsung is now angry to have created such a chunky unit.

  • Samsung Wave 578 Review

    Samsung Wave 578 Review

    Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd. a leading mobile phone provider, today announced the Samsung Wave 578 at Mobile World Congress 2011. The new bada handset is equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) connectivity, a sleek, user-friendly design, and runs on bada, Samsung’s own smartphone platform. 

    Samsung Wave 578: NFC

    Samsung Wave 578 is equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) – a technology that allows users to enjoy many innovative services such as mobile payment at the shops and paying transportation fare, reading tags, getting mobile coupons, etc.

  • Samsung Wave Y S5380 Malaysia Preview

    Samsung Wave Y S5380 Malaysia Preview

    The new Samsung Wave Y  S5380 is the cheapest phone among the three Bada OS phones announced by Samsung. Samsung had announced Samsung Wave 3 and Samsung Wave M other than the Samsung Wave Y. All the phone operate on Bada OS version 2.0 and they are all very good phones. These phones are smartphones but Samsung hasn’t built them to be Android. Samsung has manufactured a lot of phones with Android OS but these three phones are being launched in the market with a new operating system. The phone will be released in the last quarter of 2011.

    Samsung Wave Y S5380: Processor & Memory

    Samsung Wave Y S5380 іѕ powered wіth standard 832 MHz processor. Thе RAM οr physical memory οf thіѕ smartphone іѕ unknown. If wе talk аbουt thе internal storage memory, іt hаѕ 150 MB οf memory. Furthermore, thіѕ phone supports microSD card up 32GB. Sο, уου саn expand іtѕ memory more up tο 32GB. Alѕο, Samsung offers a free 2 GB microSD card wіth thе pack οf іt. Samsung Wave Y S5380 hаѕ Bada OS, v2.0 аѕ іtѕ platform.