5 more fake news busted such as being fined going out of your home, an airborned COVID-19 and more


Update - We found three more hilarious fake news, read on below!

Today, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) just released an official statement on some new fake news that have been circulating around. In this short announcement, somebody has apparently been forwarding fake news about people being fined for stepping outside of their houses. This is of course, ridiculous to begin with and there's more.

According to the statement, the third pointer said that "Apart from foodpanda, GrabFood and restaurants that are allowed to send deliveries, whoever leaves the house with the intention of sending meal deliveries will be fined RM1000. Although personally, I haven't seen this floating around social media yet but MCMC would like you to know that this is fake news.

Besides that, the other two fake news are regarding the district police force in Tawau, Sabah which received unreasonable and incompatible messages about the Movement Control Order extension. On the other hand, the video footage of people crashing a supermarket in Jakarta actually took place in the US, which proved to be false as well. MCMC also retweeted false claims about COVID-19 which supposedly can be transmitted through the air. As tweeted by @WHOMalaysia (official page), there is still no evidence that the virus can be transmitted airborne. Also, chlorine dioxide will not protect you even if it has a "health tag". Like the airborne case, there is no research supporting this chemical to be an effective treatment. 

Finally, there are three more reports by the Kementerian Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia Twitter page about fake news:

  1. RTM to announce the Bazaar Ramadhan Tahun 2020 will be cancelled across the nation.
  2. Pos Malaysia will offer 1000 Apple iPhone 11 Pro for free
  3. The country faces the risk of being robbed by unauthorized immigrants and domestic workers who are COVID-19 positive because they don't have the support from the Pakej Rangsangan Ekonomi PRIHATIN.  

Some people really have the nerve to forward fake news without checking the source. We suspect that this just happened right after the new security measures announcement on the upcoming MCO Phase 2 on 1 April. If you're not sure, don't share!

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