ASUS ZenBo voice-controlled robot butler also announced for $599 (RM2472) with ASUS Smart Home

ASUS ZenBo.jpg

Jonney Shih, ASUS Chairman with the ASUS ZenBo

Apart from launching their ASUS ZenFone 3, ASUS also announced their voice-controlled robot butler, the ASUS ZenBo. Priced for just $599 (RM2472) the wheeled robot looks to be the main hub in ASUS's Smart Home technologies as it can allow you to control the lights, lock or open the door and more, while also dancing, reciting a recipe, reading books to your kids and monitoring the elderly.

No real specific tech specs or features were mentioned but we assume that it is powered by Intel but you can see ZenBo and a whole bunch of ASUS Smart Home devices in action in the video below or check out the site:

I hope it has a cup holder or vacuum attachment