AiPods components are now produced in India as Apple further moves production away from China

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Previously, we reported that Apple is expanding its operations in India, with half of all iPhones expected to be manufactured in the country by 2027. Now, the tech giant has reportedly begun manufacturing AirPods components in India too, which is part of its plans to move production away from China. 

As reported by Bloomberg, the Indian unit of Jabil, a Florida-based electronics manufacturer has started shipping plastic AirPods enclosures to China and Vietnam. The two aforementioned countries are where Apple is currently manufacturing AirPods, with the latter being one of the nations benefitting from the company’s move away from China. 

The move was started by Apple following the Covid-19 lockdown disruptions and US trade restrictions with China that gravely affected production in the past two years. According to MacRumors, Apple’s China-based suppliers are waiting for the Indian government’s approval to begin manufacturing in the country. As of the time of writing, only 14 Chinese companies have been given initial clearance to do so. 

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