Apple Malaysia raises iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5s pricing

Apple iPhone 6 new Malaysia pricing.jpg

Just recently, Apple Malaysia raised the local Malaysia pricing for the Apple iPhone 6, Apple iPhone 6 Plus and Apple iPhone 5s. A quick look at the price reveals that the pricing has gone up by about RM150 to RM200 with no difference to tech specs or features. This is probably due to the recent drop in value for the Malaysian Ringgit against the US Dollar which is currently is $1 to RM3.71. The Apple iPhone 5c remains the same though but we don't expect many people to be happy about that either. Hopefully, if the Ringgit goes up within this year, Apple Malaysia will cut the pricing back down but for now, we expect other Malaysia online stores and Malaysian Telcos to follow soon. Check out the complete price increase listing as follows:

  • Apple iPhone 6, 16GB storage ~ RM2399 to RM2549
  • Apple iPhone 6, 64GB storage ~ RM2749 to RM2949
  • Apple iPhone 6, 128GB storage ~ RM3149 to RM3349
  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus, 16GB storage ~ RM2749 to RM2949
  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus, 64GB storage ~ RM3149 to RM3349
  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus, 128GB storage ~ RM3549 to RM3749
  • Apple iPhone 5s, 16GB storage ~ RM1999 to RM2149
  • Apple iPhone 5s, 32GB storage ~ RM2199 to RM2349
  • Apple iPhone 5c, 8GB storage ~ RM1499 (remains the same)

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