Check out the Samsung Gear S2 with a first-looks video

Samsung Gear S2_1.jpg
The Samsung Gear S2 is inching closer to us on 27 November so lets take a first look at what it can do. The Gear S2 truly comes in two variants – the modern look and classic. The modern S2 is defined by design and display, while the classic goes for the more premium and elegant look. Both of these devices are made of natural materials such as metal, leather and glass. On top of that, the Gear S2 has a rotating bezel and side button that allows the user to navigate nearly all apps and functions quickly.

Samsung Gear S2_3.jpg

This interface lets you check game scores, morning weather forecast, locate your favourite restaurant or see what's happening in your social network. Asides from that, users can even customize the watch face with the Design It Yourself app. The leather band of the Classic Gear S2 is also changeable with any standard 20mm watch band in the market.

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