Compilation: All the tech gadgets & electronics deals that you can find on Lazada & Shopee


We are just only a few hours away from 11.11, one of the biggest online sales for Malaysians. So if you are keen to look up the best tech gadget and other electronics deals online, you have come to the right place!

In this compilation list, we have a bunch of brands waiting in line for you. Mobile phones? Checked. Home appliances? Checked. Smart TVs? Also checked and the list goes on. If you also have a particular favourite brand to choose from, we also have that (hopefully).

In terms of discounts, vouchers and other promo benefits, below is a list of every single gadget deal that is happening on 11.11 in no particular order. Enjoy!


That's all, folks. Take your time to check them out and while you're at it - we created a new deals section on our website just for this! All it takes is just a click here to get yourself started. Stay tuned for more trending tech gadget deals and promo news at