Final Apple iOS 7 due on 18 September 2013

Apple iOS 7 cover.jpg

Apple's iOS 7 operating system has been undergoing beta testing for quite some time now. As the Apple OS which will bring multi-tasking and a whole bunch of other updates to Apple users, it is no wonder that many are waiting for it to arrive. In light of that, Apple have announced that the final version of iOS 7 will be released on 18 September 2013. Apart from the aforementioned multi-tasking you can also get other features like new ringtones, different voices for Siri and the fact that it has been optimized for a 64-bit architecture. In addition to this, the entire iWork suite of productivity apps is now free for new Apple devices, which is the equivalent of Microsoft adding on a free Office for every Windows 8 tablet. Apart from the new iPhones, the iOS 7 update will also be made available to the iPhone 4S, iPad mini, iPad 3, iPad 4 and 5th gen iPod Touch. For more information check out the Apple iOS site.