Goldgenie's Diamond Ecstasy iPhone 6 could cost up to $3.5 million (RM12.60m)

goldgenie iphone 6.jpg

Goldgenie is famous for its customizations on flagship smartphones. The UK based company has gold plated many popular flagship devices like the Apple iPhone 6 to make the device a bit more unique. Now, the company has taken things to the next level. It has just announced the Diamond Ecstasy iPhone 6 edition which is probably the most you can spend on an iPhone. Customers are free to choose between three different coatings for their iPhone 6 – gold, platinum and rose gold. Once this is done, this special edition model gets studded with hundreds of diamonds around the edges. Even the Apple logo at the back is filled with this precious stone. If customers want something different, Goldgenie have them covered as they can choose between any other precious stone like rubies, emeralds, black diamond, pink diamond, sapphires and so forth for their device. But if someone really wants to take things to the highest level, then he or she can choose the precious stones and pretty much everything customizable on the phone. Goldgenie notes such a customization could cost up to $3.5 million which comes to around RM12.60 million. The company has already sold 5 such Diamond Ecstasy models which cost over $15200 (RM54727).


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