HONOR might release devices with MediaTek 5G chipset instead of using HiSilicon's Kirin

HONOR MediaTek cover EDITED.png

The US sanctions on Huawei has been happening for quite a while and the situation is definitely not getting better anytime soon. Earlier, we have also seen the news that the President of United States Donald Trump has extended the ban until May 2021. Not only the company has lost access to Google services, there are also some other problems surfacing as well such as chip supply. It is said that HONOR (sub-brand from Huawei) is planning to turn to MediaTek for the supply of 5G SoCs in the future.

The US has bascially blocked global chip makers from shipping to Huawei, and that includes HONOR. One of the global chip makers is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), which is the manufacturer of Huawei's Kirin processors. Since then, Huawei has turned to Semiconductor Manufacturing International Company (SMIC) for one of its new chipsets, and it's a mid-range one. However, it is unlikely that SMIC can handle the demand from Huawei by making flagship level chipsets, so MediaTek could be a solution.

Currently, the best chipset that MediaTek can offer would be the latest Dimensity 1000+. Therefore, don't be suprised if the next HONOR smartphone comes with a MediaTek chipset. It is also said that this doesn't mean that the company will stop producing Kirin chipset and utilize it. Of course, the Kirin chipsets will still continue to stay in the game as they've been proven to be great on performance.

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