Huawei could have been given access to Snapdragon 778G & Snapdragon 898 4G


Huawei regained access to Qualcomm chips this year, even if it can only get 4G variants. For instance, the recently launched P50 series came with the Snapdragon 888 4G. Now, two more Huawei devices with Snapdragon chipsets are on the way.

According to Digital Chat Station, Huawei has gotten rights to purchase the SM8325 and SM7315 chipsets from Qualcomm this year. The company will also be able to buy a 4G version of the SM8450 chip next year. For your information, these model numbers are for the Snapdragon 888, Snapdragon 778G, and Snapdragon 898, respectively. The nova 8i launched in July also has a Snapdragon chipset, namely the Snapdragon 662.


"Crysanthemum factory" is a nickname for Huawei - a reference to the company's logo

The source doesn't specify which devices would feature the two chipsets. But we can make a few guesses. Assuming that there's a Huawei P60 series next year, it should come with the Snapdragon 898 4G chipset. For the Snapdragon 778G, we expect it to be equipped on a Huawei nova 9 series device.

Access to Qualcomm's chips should ease the supply issues that Huawei has with its Kirin chips. We'll keep an eye out for news or rumours on Huawei devices that may feature a Qualcomm chipset too, so stay tuned to TechNave for more updates on that.