Huawei’s leading 5G tech could soon get introduced in Malaysia


As Malaysia begins implementation of 5G with their testbed expansion, Huawei recently weighed in with beneficial technologies that Huawei have achieved and what could be possible for Malaysians with Huawei’s 5G tech. With Huawei developing 5G tech since 2009 and employing 180000 global employees, 25000 of which are focusing on mostly research and development in the Huawei Ox Horn Campus, beneficial 5G tech could impact every sector, of course, there’s also faster download speeds, wider coverage areas and lower latency as well.

Some of the 5G tech Huawei hopes to see implemented in Malaysia includes farming tech to detect soil moisture and acidity in real time for better yield, better precision for fishermen and faster emergency response from ambulances or police via robotics and indirectly 5G networks as their main enabler. Huawei have already showcased 5G Tele-surgery, where doctors can do surgical operations from far away, so even if a heart expert can’t get to where the patient is, with Huawei’s 5G, the surgery to help cure such cases can still be carried out.  


Huawei's Ox Horn campus has 25000 researchers developing AI, 5G and more

Other 5G benefits include higher quality video streaming (2K, 4K and above) but the ultra low latency gaming with no lag or interruptions also sounds very nice as well. There’s also the possibilities of HD CCTV Surveillance, self driving cars, AI drone deliveries and more but we’ll have to see after 5G does get implementation in Malaysia. When 5G smartphones like the Huawei Mate 20 X 5G becomes available like it is in China, all of these benefits could be enabled for Malaysians too.

Despite recent events with the US, Huawei still managed to achieve an increase of 23.2% in revenue year on year for the first half of 2019. Considering this and with more than 4.85 billion yuan invested in research and development alone, Huawei are still fully confident of helping Malaysia achieve all the benefits of 5G as well.

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