India follows EU’s footsteps, makes USB-C charging mandatory for smartphones starting from March 2025

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Previously, we reported on European Union (EU) passing a law which makes USB-C mandatory for the charging of devices, a rule that even Apple said it has “no choice but to comply”.  Well, a similar law has also been passed in India and smartphone manufacturers have been told that they have a deadline of March 2025 to comply with the new requirement.

Called the “common charger directive”, device manufacturers in India have to ensure that they follow a common USB Type-C wired charging standard. As reported by the Economic Times, laptop makers are given more time, until 2026 to comply in India. 


The Secretary of the Indian Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Rohit Kumar Singh said that the law was introduced because there is a global supply chain at play when it comes to chargers. Hence, the country intends to align itself with the global timeline. 

Moreover, Singh stressed that the objective is to reduce the number of chargers per household and minimise the amount of e-waste. Besides that, the Indian government has also formed a sub-group to examine the feasibility of uniform charging ports for wearables. 

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