KKD: UiTM to receive 10 units of Starlink internet device

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Previously, we shared that our country is purchasing 40 internet devices from Starlink and accordingly, the company has been granted the legal license to operate in Malaysia. Now, the government has further revealed plans for their utilisation, with a quarter of them set to be given to Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM). 

This was revealed by the Communications and Digital Ministry (KKD) recently. Specifically, KKD Minister Fahmi Fadzil announce that UiTM will receive 10 Starlink internet devices to improve the university’s internet quality. 

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UiTM comprises one main campus and 34 satellite campuses throughout Malaysia, making it the perfect recipient for Starlink devices. While no specifics were given, it is safe to assume that the devices will be utilised in the university’s campuses in rural areas. 

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had previously asserted that the Starlink devices will be used in learning institutions first, including schools and higher education centres that need them. The purchase of the devices was part of the collaboration between Malaysia and Elon Musk’s companies, with the latter holding a meeting with Anwar earlier this month. 

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